Thursday, March 9, 2017

Let's Get Greasy: Lubrication Tips for You and Your Chain

Today I talk about chain lube and maintenance and my slightly informed opinions on the matter.  I also break down a press release from IMBA by the boss, Dave Wiens.

Dave Wiens Press Release on

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  1. I also like the Blue Rock and Roll!!!! which I too got from Michael @ Trailwerks Cyclery last month when he rebuilt my jump bike's fork......

  2. When we used to have triple chain rings up front, letting the entire system wear became quite expensive, so replacing the chain often created a cheaper operating cost; but there was always a period of loud and gritty re-adjustment as it stretched to fit the slightly worn cogs/rings. When the front derailleur was eliminated, your method of letting everything wear/replace together is less expensive then it used to be and the parts will consistently perform better for longer. Rider style will also affect chain life. A masher will stretch a chain faster then a spinner. Great Podcast! I've been enjoying it.

    1. Makes a lot of sense Ray--and nice vid at the Germantown bike park :)

  3. I also use Rock n Roll blue most of the time, but like you said, it doesn't last very long, especially if you have some stream crossings.
    I also like the Dumonde Tech lube, which doesn't stay as clean, but it lasts a lot longer.
    I used to use Pedro's, but I also found that it leaves a thick sticky mess that is very hard to clean off.

    I think that if you replace your chain more often, then your cassette won't wear as much. A worn chain causes accelerated wear on the cassette. If you have an expensive cassette like a SRAM XX1/X01, then it makes more sense to replace a less expensive chain more often.

  4. Nice tip on the Dumonde, seems useful for longer days in the backcountry...btw my cassette is a Praxis, I didn't think of it as cheap but compared to the SRAM I guess it is!


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