Thursday, March 30, 2017

Biker Gets Assaulted on Trail! And A Full Enduro Ramble

Today I break down the assault of a mountainbiker by a trail runner near Golden Colorado. I also rant about the fragrant joys of plane travel, and the EWS.

Enduro World Series site

Biker's account of assault

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  1. I read about that attack and it blows. I know the area (actually grew up in golden but live in DC now) and the trail it self it nothing special at all. Its basically a grassy hill, with really clay soil thats unreadable when wet and just a utilitarian MTB ride for locals and very few would travel to it. Point is the place is nothing special and worth fighting over and the trail is super wide with a ton of fireroad. I've heard that golden is the new boulder but the trail running scene there is micro compared to boulder. However in boulder most of the ST around there is illegal and ruled by the trail runners and will come down on MTB riders if found. Just found it od that a trail runner would fight over a trail thats legal to MTB's and a grassy waste land with views of the foot-hills and the brewery, not a pristine wooded environment with views of the continental divide.

  2. MH, thanks for the comment. I agree--those little hills above Golden aren't particularly aesthetic. Sounds to me like this was less about the trails than it was simply a short tempered, violent jerk who felt offended by someone. Thanks for listening. Will

    1. Next time you should go you should try to climb there in golden. South table mountain has some really fun sport climbing. Super fast and convenient if you are chasing light...perfect spot to go if you ski and coming down from i-70 and want a quick fix before it gets dark (all west facing so it gets tons of light and is warm.) also the bouldering in morrison is awesome.


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