Monday, January 23, 2017

More Tech Riding Talk with Rob Berube, Backcountry Scenarios, Women's Tech Rides

Joining me today, Rob Berube of RideTechy talks more about spotting, organizing your own rides, the Techy Riders Scavenger Ride Event, backcountry scenario simulations, and women's specific techy group rides.
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  1. Great pod cast!

    I do not have Facebook (I use IG), but can you post a link to the Quantico ride in April?

    Getting an error on ("Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." )

    Also, because of your pod cast with James I picked up a set of those Catalyst Pedal from Pedaling Innovations. Cannot wait to try them out in Fort Valley. I have been going back and forth between flats and clipless, I'm liking flats better for the same reason you talk about. They are more fun in my opinion.

    Thanks for the great pod cast and I listen on my commute all of the time.


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    1. Hey Todd, thanks for listening! I'll be eager to hear your thoughts on the pedals and once you have a few rides on them reach out and I'll have you on the show for a segement to review's a link to the entry for the Quantico ride:

      And finally, I think I've fixed the URl for the RideTechy site.

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