Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Capital Cross Classic Recap, on an Enduro Bike, with Garrett Hubbard


Garrett Hubbard joins me from Austin Texas to talk about his experience racing in the Capital Cyclocross race on his 6" travel enduro bike. We also chat talk about wheelbuilding and plus sized bikes.

Garrett's Cyclocross Video on Vimeo

Capital Cyclocross photo gallery on AngryMountainBiker.com

Capital Cross Classic Facebook page

Filz Built Bicycles in Northern Virginia

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  1. Dude I rode with Garrett in that race... I was the guy in the 20/20 kit and we finished together ... actually sprinted for the line on that last stretch of pave... fun riding with ya... one of the few guys that will chat during the race. I think I rode my cx bike but I ride my hard tail with a rigid fork sometimes and this year experimented with a mtb ... not sure what's faster.. your comment on the cx crowd is soo true but you gotta realize that your racing with roadies who kind of annoyed you in the summer and now they really are annoying ..anyways great riding with you and nice work on clearing the barriers

    1. That's awesome! I'll let Garrett know you commented--even though we kind of made fun of it the fact is it is fast and furious and intense and everyone was having a great time. Thanks for listening!


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