Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dedicated to Eugene Lee and Marc Genberg

Eugene Lee, far right, Corey Vezina, middle, and me on a snow trip in 2008.  You'll be remembered, my friend.

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Getting Your Girlfriend Into Mountain Biking

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  1. Will, I just stumbled upon your post on FB and you nailed something I have been dealing with since Gayla's passing and being Medically Disqualified from the railroad. In loosing Gayla, I lost my confidante, in loosing the railroad I lost my "gang", literally. Our 17 year-old son Jack, is Autistic and is very limited socially, therefore, we don't get out much, socially. He loves being outdoors, and we go there, but the connections you spoke of are missing for sure. Proud of ya, thank you.

  2. Will I was listening to this walking home and almost reached for my phone to get at you right then and there! I knew Schuyler from when I was in High School. He lived with both my brother and me back in our 20s. I was heartbroken when he died - such a lovely soul. I remember not being able to get to the memorial as it was so close to 9/11 we were unable to get a flight out to Denver.

    1. Wow, Chris, that's a remarkable coincidence! Schuyler and I shared a lot of adventures--desert tower climbing, alpine routes in the Rockies, a few hangovers too. Look forward to chatting about this next time I see you!


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