Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How to Train for High Altitude at Sea Level and a 105 Year Old Frenchie Kicked Your Butt

Today I break down 105 year old Robert Marchand's record breaking bike ride and also talk about some cold weather riding tips, and a way to get acclimated to high altitude while you're sleeping. At low altitude.

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  1. I rode Leadville 100 3x while living at the beach in San Francisco and every time I did the "fool yer body" technique where you go up at the last minute (thurs spent the night in Denver, Friday in the Lville and race sat) worked every time and as side for feeling a little giddy as a school girl at the columbine top I felt ok. But really elevation is like cocain, it efects everybody a little different and ya never know until you try.


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