Saturday, January 14, 2017

Finally! I Have a Hater, and I Rant About IMBA's Website

I take some time to break down a negative review I received, the IMBA website, a bit more on Catalyst pedals, and why you gotta get into a Wilderness First Aid course.

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  1. Hi Will. I am the "for fucks sake" guy. I am not a hater and I did not give you a 1 star review. That is some other person. I enjoy your show, it entertains me. Please consider refraining from politics since politics are so polarizing. It's not the same as complaining about traffic, weather, or the direction your toilet paper roll should go on the spool. Besides half of us voted for Trump while half of us voted for Hillary. We all hate traffic but we do not all hate Trump... and for some strange reason half of us like Hillary (lol).

    1. Ah, understood, my mistake, I'll be sure to clarify in the next episode or so. Appreciate your comments. I generally avoid politics not so much for fear of alienating people on another side, but rather its just done over so many other places, so don't worry, it won't be more than an occasional short minute or to in the future. Thanks for listening. Will

    2. Will the thing is I should have been more polite instead of going straight to rude with you. Sorry bro. Please don't change, you have a good show.


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