Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tips for Being Photographed by a Mountain Bike Photographer

I've taken a lot of mountain bike photos the past few years, and it occurs to me this might be useful when you're out on the singletrack. 

 1. Get colorful! Please wear a jersey color besides black or white. Both are boring and hard to expose perfectly.  Black disappears in the shadows of the forest canopy and white is just boring.  Blue, green, orange, red, purple, pink all pop and give some excitement. Cool socks help.  Bright gloves can make a mediocre shot into a keeper--your hands are almost always prominent so go throw out your black gloves. Now.

2. Avoid posing.  Don't smile for the camera or look directly at the lens. There are exceptions but we want your intensity, not your "Hi, Mom!" face.  And for god's sake, keep your tongue in your mouth.

3. Ride the way you normally ride. Stay within yourself and stick to your plan. I've now seen multiple crashes as people tried to jump, wheelie, or show off as they saw me about to shoot.  It's up to the photographer to make the photo dramatic, and you shouldn't be crashing.  Focus on what you are doing, let us worry about making  you look like you know what you're doing.

4. Support your local photographers by buying a digital download or print from their website.  This encourages us to come out to take more pictures.  Photographers are usually not making a lot of money on races, it is typically a sideline to more profitable photo gigs.  We do it because we love capturing the action, and we love mountain biking!  Guys like Bruce Buckley, Steve Barker, Joe Foley and of course, yours truly, Will Niccolls, are doing a great job promoting the community and trails we love.

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