Monday, September 26, 2016

AMB 24: Huge Fantastic Tips for Riding Flat Pedals on your Mountainbike

You've heard my rants on flat pedals, and today I break down the techniques you'll need to start riding them as you add this new skill.  I also pimp some upcoming interviews and spray praise on Harlan Price's skills.  I recommend Five Ten FreeRider Contacts for a flat pedal shoe. Expensive but the stiff midsole and quality construction are fantastic.

Released: Sep 28, 2016


  1. To protect the shins I have been using flexible shin pads inside medium-height socks that are designed for skateboarders and they work great. The ones I use are called Footprint PainKiller. The material is soft yet temporarily hardens on impact. They make socks with built-in pads and also loose pads with velcro that you can put in any (fairly) tall socks.

    I also recommend really thin pedals to reduce rock strikes. My pedals of choice are Specialized Boomslang which can be sourced and serviced at your LBS

    1. Brad, great tips--I'll file them away for the next rant I do on flat pedals! I also like the Canfield Crampons for thin flat pedals, but the durability of the bushings isn't great, plan on a rebuild after 4-5 months of lots of riding.


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